With over 34 million views, this viral video shows exactly how this cat feels about his owner who is no longer with him. Posted on Facebook by Engin Yilmaz who wrote,  “He sees his owner’s video in the smart phone. he died sometime ago…Lovely….,” it serves as a reminder that we do have a special bond with our pets.

For anyone who may have wondered what our pets feel when left behind, this cat may be the personification. He sits and stares, clearly recognizing who this person in the video is and then, suddenly, begins to nuzzle the phone, getting as close as he can to the owner who can no longer pet or hold or love him in the same way.

It is equally heartbreaking as it is beautiful. Most of us have probably gone through the loss of a pet and the pain can be unbelievable. Sadly, there are those who don’t see it as any kind of life event. As written in  Heartbreak: The Loss of a Pet“Losing a pet is never easy. It hurts. A lot. And sometimes there are those people who don’t understand, don’t “get,” why you feel the way you do.  According to them, it was just a cat.

You can’t defend your feelings to those who have never been privileged to have an animal as part of their family. It is a special relationship. They become a piece of your heart.”

Mutual Life’s video tribute, Silent Paws, may come close to expressing those feelings, even for those who have never had the good fortune to have a pet in their life.

But when a pet mourns the loss of an owner, many will consider it a simple act of anthropomorphism, attributing it to the individual’s, the human’s, own feelings that are driving what they “think” they see the animal experiencing. However, watching this video, those who understand will beg to differ given this cat’s reaction and response to someone long gone.

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